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Sales gamification, purpose-built for HubSpot. See UPonent today.

Keep your sales team motivated and engaged day in and day out with the sales gamification app purpose built for HubSpot

For fast-growing companies looking to inspire high sales performance, traditional sales incentives and standard CRM processes won’t cut it. That’s why we built UPonent, our latest revenue application.

UPonent creates healthy competition and camaraderie for growing sales teams,  ensuring they stay motivated and engaged. Purpose built for HubSpot, it lets your teams:

  • Create healthy competitions between individuals
  • Earn achievements like trophies and badges
  • Celebrate wins across the organization
  • Build leaderboards displaying business KPIs
  • Track performance towards assigned goals

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Keep your sales team motivated day in and day out.

Adding a sense of friendly competition not only increases personal motivation, but it can have positive effects on team culture. By earning prizes, tracking performance, and celebrating wins Uponent builds trust and camaraderie within sales teams. 


Bring performance to the forefront with a focus on what matters

Leaderboards, competitions, and prizes provide incentives to get your team focused on revenue generating KPIs they control. This can help your sales team to focus on what matters, hitting their quota.


Increase adoption of your sales process and your CRM

One of the advantages of sales gamification software is that it runs off of data from your CRM. If your reps aren’t actively using it, they won’t be able to compete against their teammates. This competitive motivation provides an extra incentive to use your CRM the way it was intended.