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November 15, 2022

7 Ways to Celebrate Sales Wins (And How to Do It Right!)

Do you have a process in place for celebrating sales wins? If not, you're missing out on one of the best ways to keep your sales team motivated and engaged. If your team doesn't feel appreciated for meeting and exceeding quotas, you're risking low morale and decreased revenue performance.

Here are some research-based stats to keep in mind:

  • 79% of employees leave their jobs because they don't feel valued
  • 70% of employees feel better about themselves when managers thank them more often
  • 78% of team members are willing to work even harder with regular appreciation

Good news — sales success is a game of motivation! In a highly competitive field such as sales, it's important to celebrate wins and show your team that their hard work is paying off.

Here are the 7 best ways to celebrate victories and achieve more closed-won deals as a result. At the end of this post, we'll introduce a solution that helps sales meet quotas faster, achieve rapid year-over-year revenue growth, and celebrate every step along the way.

1. Celebrate immediately after a win (with a win song!)

The best way to show your team that you appreciate their hard work is to celebrate immediately after they close a deal. This sends the message that you're paying attention and that you value their efforts. You can do this by sending a group email congratulating the salesperson on their win, or by posting about it in the company's internal chat system like Slack. If you have a remote team, you celebrate over a video call.

Consider asking your reps to choose a personal "win song" to spice up the celebration to announce a new closed-won deal. This is a fun way to show the team that you're paying attention to their efforts and that you want to celebrate their success.

To celebrate some recent major wins, sales reps at New Breed have picked This Is How We Do It by Montell Jordan (link), X Gon' Give It To Ya by DMX (link), and Lose Yourself by Eminem (link with spaghetti) to kick off the quarter.

2. Offer sales incentives with an achievements system.

Incentivizing your sales team is a great way to show them that you appreciate their hard work. This could be in the form of bonuses, paid days off, or even just gift cards. A great way to offer incentives is by implementing an achievement system to enable sales reps to collect achievements as they drive business-critical metrics.

For example, you could create an achievement for sales reps who close 10 deals in a month. As they progress and earn more achievements, they could be rewarded with different levels of prizes. This system not only recognizes their sales successes but also encourages reps to keep pushing themselves to reach new levels.

3. Publicly recognize your team's achievements.

When salespeople feel like they're a part of something bigger, they're more likely to be engaged and work harder. Celebrate sales milestones together as a team to show that you're all in this together. This will also help build trust and camaraderie among team members.

That's why, if you really want to show your team how much you appreciate their hard work, make sure to publicly recognize their achievements. This could be in the form of a blog post, social media shout-out, or even an announcement at your company's next all-hands meeting. Not only will this help others learn from their success, but it will also give your team members a chance to feel appreciated for their work.

Consider a TV setup that enables challenges and goal-setting to be displayed on a big screen in the office. When sales reps see their progress towards a goal and the fun they're having with their team displayed on a big screen in the office, they'll be more likely to stay focused and engaged. Plus, competition-style dashboards displaying KPIs and showcasing top revenue leaders are a great way to instill a sense of healthy competition while putting a focus on performance.

sales gamification built for teams on HubSpot

4. Host a sales contest with fun prizes.

Nothing brings a team together like a little healthy competition. Hosting a sales contest is a great way to show your sales reps that you appreciate their hard work while also motivating them to close more deals. Plus, if you offer fun prizes, everyone will be sure to have a good time.

When planning a sales contest, be sure to set clear rules and guidelines so that everyone knows what's expected of them. You'll also want to make sure that the prizes are fair and equally distributed among the winners. Lastly, don't forget to promote the contest ahead of time so that everyone has a chance to get excited about it.

5. Connect revenue KPIs to every celebration.

Keep your sales team engaged by celebrating successes, but make sure to always link these accomplishments back to key performance indicators (KPIs) that relate to revenue. This will help the entire team see which actions reap rewards and stay focused on achieving objectives that lead to even more success stories.

This could be as simple as setting a goal for the number of deals closed each month, or the amount of revenue generated each quarter. By linking celebrations to specific goals, you'll help keep your team focused on driving results that matter.

6. Use sales gamification to make the process fun.

Make the sales process more fun for your team by incorporating game-like elements into your sales strategy. This could be in the form of leaderboards, badges, and points systems that sales reps can earn as they drive business-critical metrics.

Not only will this make the sales process more enjoyable for your team, but it will also help keep them engaged and motivated to hit their targets. sales gamification will also help you identify top performers so you can give them the recognition they deserve.

SaaS solutions, such as sales engagement software or gamification, are the trending technology to gamify sales operations. These solutions pull data directly from the CRM and other connected systems and create instant celebrations on the web, TV, and mobile devices. Apps like UPonent leverage data to create automatic celebrations and connect all of your remote offices in a cheerful moment of celebration.

7. Connect sales gamification tools to your CRM data.

When looking for sales gamification tools, make sure to find a solution that can connect directly to your CRM data. This way, you can automatically track sales rep progress and ensure that celebrations are triggered based on real-time sales activity.

Additionally, look for a tool that offers customizable templates so you can create challenges and leaderboards that align with your specific sales goals. And finally, make sure to choose a tool that's mobile-friendly so your sales reps can stay connected and engaged even when they're on the go.

For example, UPonent is a sales gamification app that helps sales reps close more deals and accelerate revenue growth. By tracking performance, enabling challenges, and allowing teams to celebrate wins together, UPonent is purpose-built for HubSpot and builds trust and camaraderie on your team.

The Takeaway

By following these tips, you can create a sales culture of healthy competition and camaraderie while putting a focus on performance. Sales engagement and performance tools like the UPonent sales gamification application can help you increase sales productivity, build trust and camaraderie, and accelerate YoY revenue growth.

UPonent is purpose-built for sales reps using HubSpot CRM. Connecting sales goals to real-time data allow you to celebrate sales achievements and keep your team focused on their goals. Automatically celebrate sales achievements and keep your team engaged in the sales process.

Schedule a demo today to see how UPonent can help you close more deals and accelerate revenue growth.Sales gamification built for teams on hubspot

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